Alexandra Shulman Has Spoken Out About Skinny Models on Vogue


Well done to Alexandra Shulman today after being interviewed on Radio 2 by Lily Allen and defending Vogue’s continuous decision to put airbrushed models and celebrities on the cover. It is after all what many people think although it is not supposed to be said as it is inpolitically correct.

I am a strong believer in this point and that those images of airbrushed perfection are part of the artistry and seductive appeal of a magazine. I don’t want to see the same kind of women that I would see in Starbucks in Vogue, it’s similar to the fact that I like the fact that all the pieces are so expensive and it rarely features pieces from Topshop that are accessible to everyone. I want to see that fantasy and I want to see it play up to the fantasy, I do not pay £4 for it to see ordinary people. Nobody ever asks cartoonists why their drawings are skinny or gamers why the women in their games are not more representative. As Shulman has said before, nobody reads Vogue or any magazine for that matter and decides to become anorexic. People may not like it however

Alexandra Shulman also raised controversy when she became editor of Vogue in 1992 because her looks was very different to that of her predecessors, compare her appearance with that of US Vogue editor who is also British, Anna Wintour. Therefore, Alexandra Shulman is very aware of the how the fashion industry is perceived by outsiders. Her comments should be taken positively and having been at the helm of Vogue for twenty-two years, I would imagine that if real women being on the cover did sell, she would know about it and would do it. You wouldn’t buy a magazine with expensive cars and gadgets in if you didn’t like the example of what was on the cover so reallly, the principle is simple and the same with fashion magazines.

Under no means would I ever say that fashion is conformist- look at the designers and what they look like and even the editors, these are the kids that made themselves cool. They were cool before cool was even a thing and recognised by everyone else. Therefore having skinny models is not something which to conform to but something which contributes to the fanatasy of fashion.

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