They ran down the hill laughing and holding hands then collapsed on the floor, sighed and looked at each other. This is so much fun, thought Beth. Tim was wondering what to do now, as he closed his eyes tightly and tried to hold on to the floor to get rid of that overwhelming dizziness. Tim’s hand somehow found hers and the other grabbed on to the grass quickly. He could smell her sweet perfume even over the smell of the wet grass. Tim leaned over and kissed Beth, it was like the world was spinning, around them, without them but they didn’t care. This was the moment in which they wanted to live in. Neither had a care in the world at that moment.

This was not a time to think but a time to enjoy just being. Being alive. Being young. Being free. Having no concept of time or anything else. They had escaped everything but they weren’t on a remote island but a park not far from the city. It was a time out from everything for them to just be themselves out of the spotlight that everyone else gave to them.

They stroked each other’s hands and talked. Neither of them could have told you what about for it didn’t matter, all that mattered was that they were alive and together. Nobody else had to exist. Being there, wherever they were with each other, whoever they were was all that mattered.

They took a breather and noticed the sun making it’s first appearance around them, suddenly, it was 5am.

“Stay”, Tim whispered. Beth grasped his hand tightly and Tim put his arm around her holding her as if she would make the world stay still. They watched the sky turn from electric pink to its usual blue as the sun rose. It wasn’t a particularly warm day but they didn’t notice as they could feel each other’s and perhaps some of the Sambuca shot’s warmth.  They lay there for about an hour or so more when people began walking their dogs or coming to the park for their morning jogs. Tim  grinned at the passers-by, Beth was slightly more embarrassed however.

They went their seperate ways, both of them changed a little bit forever, they didn’t know how or why but they knew that night was the highest they had ever felt. It was different to anything else that had ever happened and the consequences didn’t matter.


Sometimes in life, the best moments are the simplest we share with another person. We might not even know why it was so good or how it changed us but we know it did. We also realise that we may never get another moment like that yet we feel blessed to have had even one because some people never do. They never feel alive and infinite.

Maybe it doesn’t matter if you don’t see somebody for a while whether that’s several weeks, months or even years. A moment shared like that can bond you for life, no matter how far away you go. 


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  1. Simple yet effective!!! loved it… keep writing.

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