Well I couldn’t simply let this trend go without comment. It’s just a shame that it had to occur as the result of a misogynist attack.

This trend is one of the most important for the world to ever see- and after my last post on the negative side of Twitter and the #bringbackourgirls trend not being as popular as football or One Direction, it gives me faith that social media can be used for good causes.

The #YesAllWomen trend has ben started off the back of the Elliot Rodgers attack on girls and boys at his university which was a result of him being rejected by women since puberty – these are the reasons that he gave for the attack. Women and men have responded to this by trending #YesAllWomen hashtag raising awareness of how big an issue sexism still is in all countries across the world. The trend is not showing hatred towards men but support towards women who have to tolerate unacceptable behaviour from men and other women when they share their stories everyday.

Ths trend is equally important for men and women of all ages. Of course there are many good men in this world but there are some who are awful and there are those that may not realise the effects of how they act around women. The trend is good for women because it shows us that all women of all shapes, colours, nationalities, hair colours etc. are subjected to this behaviour and disresepect and discouraged by men and women.

Men and women (particularly women of older generations) need to learn that women can have ambitions that don’t include getting married and having children if they want to. Girls need to be taught from a young age that they can be a CEO or prime minister if they want to not just a PA to them.

Earlier, yes as in today, I got propositioned just as I was leaving a shop minding my own business by a man who proceeded to continuously get in my way and call me sexy-  it doesn’t matter but I wasn’t even wearing anything provocative. You don’t get to call me sexy unless I know you. If you wish to call me something, ask for my name but even then I have the right not to share it with you. I owe you nothing. It’s true that if you don’t ask, you don’t get but also if you ask, you don’t always have to get.

I can’t really use words to describe how strongly or how important I think this trend is. It is outrageous that all women are so suceptible to this kind of treatment everyday. Yes, it’s just some men that do it, not all but we should be teaching both genders not to leave drinks alone, to take advantage of people (women use men for free drinks sometimes, men use women for worse), not to drug people, to make sure they get home safe without expecting something, to understand that EQUALITY STILL NEEDS TO BE IMPROVED ALL ACROSS THE WORLD.

We need to stop being so scared of standing up to these people and stop being scared that we won’t be taken seriously when reporting these things. Just because it has become common and the norm does not mean that we should accept it.

A penis doesn’t give you the right to do anything except use the men’s bathrooms, likewise a vagina doesn’t give you a right to expect attention or things for free.

So all men and women that have participated in or empathised with this trend, a huge well done. To those of you that haven’t, I strongly urge you to do so.

Here are a few things that I feel that I would like to say with the #YesAllWomen hashtag- there’s a LOT that I can think of.

#YesAllWomen because my personality, judgement and intellect should not be discarded and neither should my  boyfriend’s when we were told that he doesn’t deserve me or that I can do better by both  strangers and friends.

#YesAllWomen because I do not want to consider whather I have the energy to fend off men’s advances when making the decision about whether to go on a night out.

#YesAllWomen because my parents shouldn’t worry about me anymore than they do about my brother when he goes out

#YesAllWomen because my dad shouldn’t have been close to tears because I had to leave a club and run away from a strange man who was following me

#YesAllWomen because one of my exs told me I was a slut if I wore a short skirt but not sexy enough if I wore jeans.

#YesAllWomen because I shouldn’t fear all men with a certain accent because of what one did to me

#YesAllWomen because I shouldn’t have to text my friends to let them know that I got home safe or worry that my girls won’t.

#YesAllWomen because males shouldn’t assume that I would use my breasts or bat my eyelashes to get free drinks/entry/ any kind of attention that I’d rather didn’t happen.

#YesAllWomen because women shouldn’t be portrayed in the media as constantly being in competition with each other all the time in a negative way but guys compete in a macho sportsmen type way.

#YesAllWomen because I shouldn’t have to pretend to be a lesbian or that a male friend is my bf to get guys to leave me alone. (even this doesn’t always work)

#YesAllWomen because I should be able to walk down the street on a summer’s day without getting hooted at or cat called.

#YesAllWomen because I should be able to walk home alone in the dark without fearing any man I pass

#YesAllWomen because I shouldn’t have to go to the bathroom with other girls or check outside to check nobody dodgy is hanging around to feel safe

#YesAllWomen because I should be able to say no to a man chatting me up without him thinking that I’m playing hard to get

#YesAllWomen because I should not have to rely on male friends to tell other guys to back off on nights out

#YesAllWomen because I’d rather be called intelligent than have the remark ‘not just a pretty face’

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