The Loudest Silence

This is a first edit of a piece called The Loudest Silence.

When I get bored at work, I write on receipt scraps so the picture above is what I managed to scribble on shift the other day. It’s not quite perfect yet but I’m working on it!

Standing side by side in an empty room with the loudest silence I have ever heard

despite your pen and my finger clicking, unsure of what I’ve done

not to even be worthy of small talk all the while knowing so much has been left unsaid.

Desperately clinging to our pride as if a medal were at stake but

we’re the only ones in the race.

We were supposed to be a dream but that belonged to everyone else .

They intercepted us with their visions and we got so lost in it

that we couldn’t even find each other

so now we’re just another tragic story.


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