Stranger’s city 

As I stare out at the city I’ve called home for four years, I’ve never felt more lost, the skyline I see everyday looks strange to me now.

The streets I walk seem foreign and I am suddenly aware that my adopted city is not my own. My job feels too big for me and my flat just a place to rest my head. The hills play havoc with my muscles and I fight myself every time I get a train somewhere that doesn’t lead home.

The city I know so well seems like a far away land, the people I want the most aren’t here and I’m so conscious of the 100 miles that separate us. It’s not really that far but I can’t go back. I can’t act like this is all wrong.

I’ve never felt so far away from home yet this is supposed to be it with the life I created for myself but it isn’t the life I was born into and somehow that is playing in my head. 

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