The world is not black and white

My Uncle Malcolm died yesterday morning and I wrote a poem similar to this which I shared with him. I’ve now written another version of it to share.

We always shared the view that the world was not black and white and I wanted to reflect that here. He provided me with countless debates over everything from politics to language and everything inbetween and the last time I saw him, ‘ the world isn’t black and white’ is a phrase he uttered which made it kind of perfect. This poem isn’t 100% edited or finished yet I don’t think but I’m sure more will be added in the next few days.


The world isn’t black and white,

It wasn’t when you were here and it’s not now,

Greyer maybe knowing that you wont be here to paint it,

But your colours shine through in the world you’ve left behind,

As memories, as advice, as the Matthews nose, as an inspiration

We both knew the grey days all too well and without you to share them with,

they’ll be even darker but your words will make it technicolour once again

The world isn’t black and white, we like it that way,

we always found the reds and yellows and blues somehow

using it to fuel our outlooks and opinions,

yours always so thought provoking and stubborn

and your intelligence ever inspiring.

Cameras and camcorders capturing the kaliedoscope of life

commemorating days gone by that will never lapse.

Love Always Uncle Malcolm xxx

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