Before you 

And before you my life was silly:

Drunkness and dance floors,

Boys in the wrong beds,

Joking with the jesters

But you brought a stillness

With you I didn’t want to live it at 100 miles an hour, I wanted to live the moments as they came to us over and over

Kissing in the street at the midnight hour

Clinging on to you in the covers

Finding a focus with you

It was all so silly with them

But you were different, serious and I liked it

I was real and raw, intense and fun and interested

At least that’s what I thought you were…

I’l never regret it though

Those moments were worth the current awkward silences

And our intimate stares were worth the eye contact which I now can’t read 

Your hand in mine was worth the new loneliness on the way home

Breathing you in was worth now being haunted by others wearing your scent

You turned out not to be the best but that’s ok,  they say all good things must come to an end

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