My posts have been a little depressing lately so I thought I would post something happier! This was originally published in Hallam Union’s student magazine. It’s called Candle, enjoy!

I watch the candle intently. The flame dances around the wick happily. It reminds me of you, the heart and soul of every party.

The intense orange of the flame melting the centre in to a pool of wax. That’s what you do to me but I don’t liquify. I feel content, more alive when I watch you. I feel warm inside- your spirit is contagious.  And I’m touched to my core when you engage me.

I’ve never seen so much burning energy inside a person before. It warms the entire room. You never go out, at least not while I’m there. It’s hypnotising yet serene to be in your presence.

I put my hand close to the flame only and watch it flicker just like you when people get too close. It makes you shudder, a little nervy. Yet you shine so brightly the rest of the time bequeathing hope to everyone around you.

As I watch the wax trickle down, I feel as though I’m the drops burning down and you are the plate there, ready to catch me when I fall.

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