your mouth is your soul

People usually describe love and knowing that it was love when they looked into another’s eyes. Eyes are supposedly the gateway to a person’s soul. It was never that way with you though…

Your soul is not exposed by your eyes but by your mouth. From your smile and laugh to your accent, favourite phrases and mischievous dimple… They led me to fall and your words caught me.

Your mouth is the telescope in to your soul even though you don’t always say what you mean. It’s okay though, everyone protects part of their soul. You talk all the time, your mouth is far more expressive than your eyes could ever be. That’s not to say I don’t ever see a twinkle in your eyes- I do, it just always compliments your locution .Your personality is synonymous with your mouth, I’m drawn to it – always.

I could listen to you tell a story one hundred times over but I wouldn’t only listen to your accent that I’ve learnt to appreciate, I’d watch your the way your lips shape each word. I would watch the way it curves upwards as you pronounce words waiting for that dimple to strike at the side of your mouth and make my heart flutter.

Your mouth speaks more conspicuously to me than your eyes ever could.


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