Morning Routine

Sleep in our eyes

Alarm clock ringing 

Begging for another hour

I wriggle around

But you hold on to me

Grab me and pull me back

Sun blazing doesn’t matter

Here is where we stay

In each other’s arms 

Like nothing awaits outside 

Coffee leads us to the kitchen

I make breakfast, you watch the news

We cuddle on the sofa,

I mention showering, 

Neither of us move,

Locked in an embrace 

Not wanting to untangle 

Your smell is on me

I replace it with perfume 

I rummage for the keys

You shut the windows

We go our separate ways

Hand on your chest 

Peck on the lips 

Well wishes for the day 

Counting down till we return 

Lucky we get to do it everyday 

Hopefully for the rest of our lives

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