The dying Autumn 

And so Autumn came and she usually saw golden leaves falling from trees, tasted pumpkin spice in all beverages, perfected a creepy Halloween look and smelt her best friend’s incense sticks, heard the snap crackle and pop of fireworks and felt the refreshing autumn breeze blowing through her hair.
But this year the leaves just looked a murky brown dead on the ground ready to transform in to mulch. Pumpkin tasted bitter and left a bad aftertaste in her coffee. Halloween seemed scary instead of fun and she jumped out of her skin at the young trick or treaters. The incense just smelt stuffy and suffocating. Fireworks were a noise nuisance when she tried to sleep and the Autumn wind was brisk chill messing up her hair. 

Her heart had broken over too many things this year and for her, Autumn was just a sign of things about to die and life getting harsher as she got older.

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