Morning Routine

Sleep in our eyes Alarm clock ringing  Begging for another hour I wriggle around But you hold on to me Grab me and pull me back Sun blazing doesn’t matter Here is where we stay In each other’s arms  Like nothing awaits outside  Coffee leads us to the kitchen I make breakfast, you watch the…

The dying Autumn 

And so Autumn came and she usually saw golden leaves falling from trees, tasted pumpkin spice in all beverages, perfected a creepy Halloween look and smelt her best friend’s incense sticks, heard the snap crackle and pop of fireworks and felt the refreshing autumn breeze blowing through her hair. But this year the leaves just…

Receipt 10

So I began to believe in heroes because of you and just as I did, your shield fell out from in front of me and your sword stabbed me. 

She’s so pretty that you forget because your mind can’t take it in all at once, even the camera struggles to capture the apparence of her beauty. 

The Poppy

I send this to you as a token, a reminder that life goes on whether I survive and return to you changed forever or die here. I hope more than anything that the former will be true. I still have the memory of your smile and remember the line around your eyes when you do….

Receipt no.9

View this post on Instagram #Receipt No.9 Call me by my full name because when you say it, it's somebody I want to be and I am reminded of all that I am. #poetry #handwritten #poetsofinstgram #writersofig #whatsinaname #name #love #family #me #work #scribbles #scrappy #barlife #bar #hotel #hospitalitylife A post shared by The Receipt…

Change The World

You have: feet in your shoes, brains in your head, a heart in your chest, Keep them on the ground & you don’t go around with your: nose in the air, hands dipped in gold, knees bent down to stone You can make a change to the world, a valuable one, a conscientious one.  Use…

Receipt no.8

Are we fighting? You’d say no but we aren’t loving and my darling, I have too much passion for you not to do either. 

Shooting stars

View this post on Instagram Receipt #7 I think we had it wrong about shooting stars, they aren't for us to wish on but just glimmers of hope showing us what we have the potential to be. Maybe some day, I'll be better at life. #shootingstars #poetsofig #night #hope #toughtimes #writing #handwritten #writersofinstagram #someday #wish…