New Year

A clock chimes at midnight,But this time is different,

Sparks explode in the sky,

Toasts said and glasses clink,

People gather all together,

Some in loving embraces, 

Others with a shake of the hand,

This bell symbolises a beginning,

The big hand says goodbye 

As everyone else celebrates a hello, 

Bagpipes playing with a spot of dancing,

Old friends are forgiven and new friends made,

This is a beginning and an end, 

Significant to almost everyone,

As some begin to mend,

Others promise no more bad,

Well wishes fail to send,

All the fortune that has been had,

The new year rings 


The potential it brings. 

A little late I know but I was working New Year! So happy 2017 everyone and may it bring you everything you need it to. 

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