Shoutout to my Ex: Champagne in a plastic cup

Like champagne in a plastic cup, that was how they described us. We were full of expensive loving fizz on the inside, but outside we couldn’t quite match the inside.

But my god, we were in love weren’t we? Proper teenage sweethearts and we believed in us so much, despite what everyone else said: my parents, our peers at school, for a time we worshipped each other and wanted to expose our souls and never quite leave our little universe. We were almost famous at school, barely got a moment of peace but we found it somehow and survived the gossip.

My mother was not a fan of yours but I more than made up for it, I adored every inch of you  I could never see why she didn’t, now I can but I still disagree with her, please know that. You were too much of a downtown guy for her “uptown darling girl” but that just became another joke in our universe. I could and would never think I was any better than you, or you any worse than me just because your home life wasn’t so straight.

We couldn’t stay away from each other, we would wander through that small city we went to school in hand in hand swapping sides every now and then to make way for a milkshake or one of my handbags. Sneaking off to the woods in the hill but so we could still watch the sun going down over the lake, we were so happy, so absorbed in one another.

You really loved me and I, you for what seemed like a long time at that age, a strong 24 months until I got bored and felt suffocated, despite never letting anyone else get in to our world, eventually something did. Everyone was so shocked when we split up which is an attribute to how strong we once were, I think even me, even though I could see it coming.

I am so grateful to have experienced anything like that because hell, we would have done anything for each other and I don’t know how many people get to love that hard at that age or ever. I know it was the right choice for us to split up when we did and I hope you think it was too now, I hope you still play rugby and you are content with your life now.  My fizz was trapped in that plastic cup and the bubbles went flat, but drinks still taste good in plastic cups but we both had to mature in to a flute to find another to clink with.

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