Pick your poison

My gran always told me to pick a poison but that the key was to take it seriously.If you pick an alcohol, then you must pick red or white, never rose, vodka, gin, whiskey or rum but always straight.

If you pick a food, make sure it is rich, a strong smelly cheese, a 70% chocolate , a cake filled with cream to gorge on, none of that low fat rubbish.

If you choose to make it smoking, choose an old Cuban cigar, fragrant tobacco or proper cigarettes, none of that menthol shite.

Most importantly, if you choose to pick a person, then god help you but make sure you cannot breathe the same when they are around, just like smoking, ensure that you feel completely giddy around them like after a few vodkas, inhale them as if they are oxygen just like your favourite cheese.

My gran would hate today’s world with its 50/50 bread, free accumulators, but most of all the lovers that do not have the courage to be together, to give their hearts and create their own universe.

You see, if you let yourself indulge honestly and fully in that one poison, you will find your vice and it will never consume you. Your heart will be consumed fully but your head will realise that one is enough to keep your soul alive, let your heart choose but your head guide then you will know the extent of its existence and just how deep the venom is.

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