He the moon.

The moon shines brightly as a constant reminder of everything past and present. Everything painful from the past, everything I’m lucky to have now.
The moon, he looks happy and is as radiant as ever. Yet he isn’t whole. So I shouldn’t have to be either to reach my own potential. The stars are scattered around the moon as if their sparkling display their support for him. I think of my own support system, they also shine even if they are far away and i am relentlessly proud of them always no matter how strong their shimmer is.
The stars look close together yet they are millions of light years apart, similar to some of my past relationships and I think of all the people I’ve known, some of who I hope are up there with the stars now. 
The moon is reflected in the water below and it’s shimmer puts a spotlight on the mountain’s peak up in front of me. It’s light and the eeriness makes me feel blessed to witness such a sight yet incredibly humble as I am just one piece of this incredibly vast universe.
I find a similarity with the moon in that the brightest version of me emerges at night with a glittering supporting cast around me. I always thought of the moon as mirror of the energy around it, absorbing from the ocean, stars and mountain peaks. 

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