People do not come in to our lives as blank canvases, I think that is why we adore babies so much, for there are no marks are upon them, nothing has influenced them yet.

But everyone you meet however significant you become to them has had a life lived before you and without you. They have been marked by disaster and shaped by victory, they have had tears in their eyes and blood spilt but they have also had their dreams come true and moments where they felt invincible.

So we are all human, all tarnished by this very same thing called life. It is a beautiful thing, just to feel alive and these moments of purity.   Some have more scars upon their soul than others but it is not a competition and there are stories behind why people are the way they are. Remember this and just know that we have all been burnt, scratched and scathed so be kind with your words, show love in your actions, stand up for what you believe in, for one day, we will all be dust, then there will be no difference at all between us. We all bleed red, we all have a heart that beats and lungs that breathe and that should be enough for you to acknowledge that everyone deserves equality.

Surround yourself with those who view your shattered parts  as if they are the sharp edges in broken glass but know that without a smashed glass, you cannot see as much sparkle, you are not falling apart but there are just shards of glass in you that you cannot pull out. There is beauty even in the broken if you look beyond the surface.

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  1. Yes! Before judging someone or feeling frustrated we should remember that everyone had a past we don’t necessarily know.

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