Don’t settle

She’s your ex for a reason, I remember you calling her boring, she wants a life right here but you need to go exploring.

So please don’t settle friend, You weren’t convinced at the beginning or end, you weren’t destined to blend, your heart just needs to completely mend.

You put a ring on her finger, didn’t tell me till two weeks later when it all fell through, bookings were all complete, even the venue.

I’m not calling her simple, you describe her as if she’s a pimple, non-descript and just about tolerating, what about all the shouting?

There’s a girl out there complicated and maybe that one is already fated, you’ll realise you should have waited.

You spend your days in a haze, can’t even tell me how she likes to spend her Sundays. You aren’t sure if she even likes your funny little ways.

You always thought she was a little young and naive. She’s not fought battles but wears her heart on her sleeve. You know it’s security but there’s no purity.

Please don’t settle friend, there will be one for you at the end, she may be a bit delayed and maybe it will be up in the air. But if you wait up late, she’ll go with you upstate.


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