1 Green Bottle

This is something slightly different- lately I’ve been examining the way people’s actions carry an echo and intertwine with each other which is what I have attempted to capture here.

Bottles thrown in to the recycle bin as the pub closes. The clatter echoes around awaking the tramp lying in a small sheltered ledge. A couple of bottles manage to escape. They roll down the road tuttering in collaboration with pavement eventually colliding with a curb then semi circling. Cars whizz by and the gust carries them further down the road.

A drunk picks up a bottle looking for another drop. When there isn’t one, he tosses it in to the river as stumbles on his way home. The river carries the bottle further down and it winds up floating near a river bank. The waves crashing against it can be heard under the bridge.

Daylight comes and the bottle is picked up by a child on their way to school. They blow through it trying to create a tune out of vibrations before their mother realises and takes the dirty, germy bottle off her child.

The bottle lands in the path of a dog who sniffs around it on his morning walk while his owner tugs on his lead annoyed at his constant stopping and intrigue in everything that he passes.

A group of schoolchildren pass and on their way home and have a kickaround with the bottle till they reach their homes where their mothers are waiting for them so they can decide what to cook for dinner.

Having landed in his garden hedge, a neighbour picks it up sighing at the sign of disrespect for his garden he so carefully prunes and trims. He places it in his brown recycling bin which is in a dedicated corner of his precious land and the bottle eventually reincarnates.

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