I owe pieces of myself to others, for the person I am has been heavily crafted by those that have spent time with me:

From staying up late to watch Match of the Day with my dad taking an interest just to spend time with him to the first boy who took me to a Gunners game. 

To my auntie who took me to Selfridges which felt like a paradise and gave me a love for handbags which even now still remind me that humans are so capable of creating beauty from imagination. 

To the flatmates who fed me Wednesday night dinner and I would do so for them that gave me an inspired love for cooking. 

The boy I once loved who spoke about rugby with such a passion I ended up falling in love with it as I witnessed him play the game he loved so much.

The family who taught me to work hard and who have only ever wanted the best for me, who never turned against me but only taught me disappointing them is the most painful heartbreak I will ever endure.

My friends on the river who taught me that I was brave even though I couldn’t see it and to keep battling the water with strokes of a paddle and to always trust my feet.

The people at school who showed me I didn’t have to be the same person every single day but being loyal matters far more than any popularity. 

To the friend I watched the sun rise with who reassured me that I am clever despite it being my biggest insecurity. 

And the stars for being such an element of wonder and mystery that I will never quite know what they are but for always giving me hope. 

There are so many loves in my life and I am so fortunate to have had all of these experiences with the people that gave them to me, whether we still talk now or not, if they ever came to me with something, I would help them and try to give them part of the love and inspire them in the same way they have done for me. I wonder about them every now and then- whether the first one settled down and has a family yet, whether my flatmates miss my cooking and my peers from school found themselves in that town or one far away.

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