I have always thought one of the best ideas would be to pick a platform of the station or indeed a flight number and to take that train or plane and see where we ended up because I am convinced that if it is the best place, it could be an amazing day. But if it was a rubbish place with not much to do, then if you could still have a good time, that person is probably someone you should consider spending the rest of your life with. There are going to be so many mundane things you are going to have to do throughout life, from grocery shopping to laundry to giving lifts. However, if you are with someone who can turn on a song and make you sing along even in your worst mood or make a really long or tiresome journey interesting then they can make anything fun for you. And then, that place can be a special memory for just the two of you, you don’t ever have to return,  but you just have to know that’s how you knew that they are the one. Every couple will have the Paris trip or the New York one and you will too someday, but you also have this unique one to hold on too. 

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