Young & Alive: Skip

In a drunken haze, I spun around and you were calling my name, it took my eyes a while to find you. There you were, stood amongst all the other party goers in the darkness of a warm Saturday night on West Street. Jokingly greeting me with a nickname, I’d aquired the previous year, we hugged and for some reason, climbed upon a skip. Sitting on the board protecting the contents from the elements, we talked, I don’t really know what about and I don’t know how long for.  But for a time, the world felt like it was ours as we people watched the drunken passers by and a soberness suddenly hit, we weren’t drunk and excitable any more but real and calm as the conversation got deeper. One of those moments where we could feel the world going on around us but our lives had hit the pause button just to be there in that moment.

All I know now is that I feel, you haven’t really lived if you haven’t had an interlude on a night out and sat on a skip at 1am with a friend in the midst of revellers feeling content with life.

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