Since forever, I have wanted my super power to be flying, whenever I got asked what it would be if I was a superhero.

I have always looked up and admired the way planes paint those white lines through a fresh blue sky and always wonder where they are from, where they are going and whether those on them are jetting off to somewhere exotic, going on a business trip or returning home from an adventure. I feel excited for them, for fresh pastures are always full of opportunity yet there is nothing quite like coming home and wrapping your arms around your loved ones. Planes fill my head with possibilities of the stories of the people on them and  have always loved the idea of zooming off a runway, ascending high in to the sky then hitting the ground in another place entirely quite possibly in another timezone or climate.

I incessantly envy the birds for their ability to take off and land wherever, to create a home in a blue sky one day and a nest by the sea the next. They have the chance to fly solo or as a flock and to sit proudly as a group on rooftops or pylons witnessing the air above as the sun, stars and moon come out to play. They can lift their wings and soar high to chase whatever it is they want, be it a tasty worm or a beautiful mate.

Flying seems like such a freedom with the ability to create homes in a number of places.



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