This one is for my Daddy who picked me up after every shift and every social gathering if he could always, who moves me from house to house in Sheffield and always drives to see me. ❤

We approach the roundabout and the lights go red,
you’ll be moaning about people only using one lane.
But it is the perfect time of day for us to stop,
we admire the iridescent colours of the sky as the sun decides where to end the day,

We’ll be talking about our jobs,

or Mum and Rich, you’ll give me advice

or maybe we’ll be have the radio turned up and

be singing along to I Wanna Know What Love Is

at the tops of our voices,

or perhaps you’ll be whistling the tune &

I’ll sing along to Zip pe doo dah

and it will have been a wonderful day

even if it’s just for this end bit,

dinner will be on the table

and Mum will be watching her soaps

but before all that, before the chores,

we witness a sun setting and conclude

our separate day’s events together,

just us in the Astra with the sun,

at some red lights about to join everyone else

returning from a day of work to homes

full of love and homecooked food.







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